vAWT Tokens

Ava War distributes 85% of the $RAW emissions via idle-staking. The remaining 15% of the emissions occur via vAWT voting. Players may elect to stake $RAW tokens to generate vAWT and subsequently use those tokens to vote for bonus emissions.
Staking $RAW will receive a 1:100 ratio of vAWT, generated at the rate of: 0.014 vAWT/hour. Players accumulate and stake their vAWT in adventures to vote on a share of bonus emissions.
The more votes players provide, the greater percentage of bonus emissions they receive.

vAWT is

  • non-transferable, meaning it cannot be bought or sold
  • able to be moved from one adventure to another
  • depleted when un-staking any amount of $RAW
  • capped to the amount of $RAW earned by staking
Players must have NFTs staked in the idle game to earn any bonus emissions from vAWT. If players un-stake their NFTs, any bonus emissions that would have applied to the NFT are burned.
For example: if a player has two Esperians staked earning 25 $RAW for a combined 50 $RAW tokens per day, the most he could earn in $RAW tokens from vAWT is 50. If his bonus emissions were 30 $RAW tokens and he un-staked one Esperian, his bonus emissions would drop to 25 $RAW tokens and 5 $RAW would be burned.