$RAW Tokens

RAW tokens have a fixed supply of 100M total tokens emitted over several years. The chart below shows the total distribution of the tokens.
  • 70% Staking Rewards
  • 10% Rocket Joe
  • 10% Team (locked for one month then vested for two years)
  • 5% Marketing (vested six months)
  • 5% Trader Joe Farming Rewards
$RAW is an (IN-GAME) currency earned through idle gameplay. Rather than active gameplay, NFT owners may elect to stake their NFTs to earn $RAW tokens.

$RAW tokens have many uses in Ava War, including:

  • using the Expandoor
  • leveling Esperians
  • staking for vAWT
  • PvP buffs in game at higher levels (future)

$RAW Token Presale

There will be a pre-sale on $RAW tokens using Rocket Joe. The launch for Rocket Joe will occur later in 2022 to coincide with the launch of the active and idle games.
Once the launch on Rocket Joe concludes, $RAW will be available for trade on Trader Joe. In addition, $RAW tokens will be available for farming rewards on the Trader Joe website for those who stake their LPs.