$AWT is a stable coin (pegged to the U.S. $) on Avax that rewards players for playing our game (Ava War).

$AWT Tokens

How will $AWT stay stable?

The game’s $AWT/$AVAX liquidity pool maintains the value of $AWT to be pegged to $1.00 USD. This liquidity pool is the most important thing to the $AWT token since it makes sure the value of the tokens used to reward the players of Ava War stays the same.
After the first mint, half of the funds raised will provide liquidity for the $AWT Token. For every $1.00 USD in liquidity, there will be one token minted. If the tokens are sold for $AVAX, the tokens are burned and the money is taken out of the liquidity.

How will the pool be filled?

The Phase I mint provides the initial liquidity for $AWT.
In addition: items identified in the road map will also provide liquidity for the LP. Future mints for mounts/skins and new races will provide liquidity for the LP. Using the Expandoor requires $AWT, and weapons/buffs/armor available to higher leveled will consume $AWT as well.

How does $AWT maintain liquidity?

Before the official game launch, there must be a minimum of $40,000 in the liquidity of $AWT Token. As long as there is a minimum of $40,000 liquidity, the game maintains rewards at normal rates. Should liquidity decrease by $10,000, the rewards drop by 33%. Any subsequent drop in liquidity by $10,000 lowers the rewards by another 33%.