Staking Rewards

After the presale of the $RAW token 70% (70,000,000 tokens) of the total supply becomes available for staking rewards.
Every year, the game distributes 33% of the available tokens via staking rewards. In year one, 33% of 70.000.000 (23.100.000) tokens will be distributed. In year two, 33% of the leftover 46,900.000 (15,477,000) tokens will be distributed.
The amount of $RAW generated from idle-staking depends upon the Esperians statistics. All Esperians have four attributes, Strength, Hitpoints, Agility, and Intelligence. The sum of these attributes (STR + HP + AGI + INT) determines the staking value of the Esperian NFT. The higher the total stats, the higher the rewards in $RAW tokens.
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