Esperian NFTs, AWT, vAWT & RAW Tokens!

AWT Tokens (Gameplay Tokens)

$AWT is the in-game currency earned via playing the game in the form of PVPing/Playing.

vAWT Tokens (Staking Tokens)

Voting in Ava War utilizes the vAWT token, which is generated by staking $RAW. As vAWT generates, it can then be used to "vote" on different staking pools to increase emissions from them.
RAW Tokens (Idle Playing Tokens: Staking your Esperian(s))
RAW is the out-game currency earned by staking/idle playing your Esperian(s). Played too much after a long period? Take a break, and earn your steak (RAW). Sometimes you just don't feel like you want to play a game, so by doing this you can still earn while idling/AFK.
Esperian NFTs (Play or Stake your Esperian(s)!)
Ava War is free to play, but whenever you want to earn while playing it requires an Esperian NFT. You can play as Red or Blue, but you need an NFT from the specific faction (the Red or Blue side) to start earning your AWT Tokens.
For example: If you have an NFT from the Red faction: Dwarfs/Red Humans can only earn $AWT Tokens whenever you play as the Red faction. If you have an NFT from the Blue faction: Blue Humans/Elfs can only earn AWT Tokens whenever you play as the Blue faction.
If you aren't playing on the right faction with your (Blue or Red) NFT, you won't be earning $AWT Tokens for your gameplay. Only whenever you pick the right faction to play with. This is also within the Tavern Pub: Staking Esperian(s).
Fesperian NFTs (Play or Stake your Fesperian(s)!)
Fesperians are Esperians, but on the Fantom blockchain. The main purpose with Fesperians is to find, and collect your Nemesis on (from) the (another side) Avax blockchain and collect them both in your wallet (Metamask).
Whenever you've minted/collected your nemesis you will gain more rewards (check rewards) than usual. Having your Nemesis will increase in-game rewards by 30% and idle-game rewards (staking) by 30%. Finding the right Nemesis can be a long journey so it has to be worth it.
Example 1: If you have an Elf (Esperian) with a red border and a dwarf staff in your wallet while playing the PVP game, then you need the right Fesperian with the same attributes as your Esperian to gain these bonus rewards, otherwise, it wouldn't do anything. Example 2: Staking your Esperian & Fesperian with the same attributes would increase the rewards by 25% (125%), but staking Esperians with Fesperians who have different attributes won't increase rewards (100%). Example 3: Only staking Fesperians in the Tavern Pub (Idle-game) won't earn anything. You can stake Fesperians, but only staking Fesperians without their Nemesis or any other kind of Esperian won't earn anything. The idle-game requires an Esperian to actually earn.
$AWT can be earned through gameplay, or bought via our own AMM/DEX. vAWT Can't be bought. These tokens aren't tradable, and can only be obtained by staking $RAW Tokens in the Tavern Pub. $RAW can't be obtained through gameplay but can be generated by staking Esperian(s), or bought via another DEX: Trader Joe.
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