The Official Esperian Roadmap! Don't be foolish like the dwarves do, and stay updated!

Q1 2022

  • NFT Collection launched.
  • Discord Server.
  • Minting Page Preview.
  • Several Marketing Campaigns.

Q2 2022

Beta Game Content, Whitelisting & Improvements.

  • Minting for the Whitelisting starts on the 7th of May at 20:00 PM UTC!
  • Whitelisting ends on the 9th of May at 20:00 PM UTC & the Official NFT Minting starts on the 10th of May at 20:00 PM UTC!
  • Ava War Alpha Version Launch with several Rewards for contributors.
  • Collaborations with Influencers, Ambassadors Gamers & other projects on Avalanche!
  • Game Updates (Beta Bugs) & Game Mechanic Updates.

Q3 2023

  • Developing through the bear market, and taking a step back regarding the market.
  • Testing/Updating Alpha versions.
  • Alpha Competitions to earn exclusive NFT rewards.
  • iPhone Alpha Version: Appstore
  • Android Alpha Version: Playstore

Q4 2023

  • Staking $RAW Tokens to generate vAWT Tokens to vote with.
  • Ava War Beta improvements/developments.
  • Ava War Open Beta Version Launch.
  • Friends List + Voice Chat.
  • Marketplace / Mobile Lite Version.
  • New Battlefields! (MAPS) + New Battle Modes.
  • Ava War Marketplace.
  • Updates: Game Mechanic & Several World Updates (Beta Bugs).

The Tavern Pub LATE Q4

  • $RAW Token Fair launch on Rocket Joe!
  • STAKing Esperian(s) to generate $RAW Tokens.
  • Tokens, Tavern Pub + Marketplace NFT Audits.

Q1 2024

  • Ava War Official Launch!
  • Ava War Tournaments!
  • (Maybe) Adding the Fantom network. Possibility to connect & play through the Fantom network. We're not sure about this yet, but if there's demand for it, we'll vote.
  • Adding a New Collection: NFTs In-Game (Weapon Skins) skins.
  • Adding another New Collection: In-Game character & mount NFTs (Skins) to the world of Esperia. New species will enter Esperia to wander through the Forest and the Battlefield.
  • Partnership Announcements.
  • Collaborations with Influencers & other projects on the Avalanche network.
  • Game Updates (Last Bugs/fixes) & Game Mechanic Updates.
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