The Elven Lifestyle: Unlike the Dwarves, the Elves don’t need giant buildings and imposing steam-powered monstrosities. The Elves of G’effalon Woods lived off of whatever resources they could gather from the woods themselves and nearby mountains. When the pacifist humans arrived in G’effalon Woods to escape the warmongering humans of Greenwahl, the Elves were reluctant of their presence. The Elves kept a close watch on them. It wasn’t until the passive humans helped them optimize their natural lifestyle through efficient use of their resources that the Elves began to trust them. However, knowing the warmongering humans would eventually want expansion, the humans of G’effalon Woods convinced the Elves to allocate some resources for defense. Together, they built towers and wooden walls using wood and stone while making efficient use of their natural energy resources. Together, they created the blue faction and created leather armor, spears, bows, and staves.
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