The Dwarven Lifestyle: The Dwarves of Greenwahl had no desire for expansion. They built a defensive wall and separated themselves with a massive bridge. All the Dwarves wanted to do was tinker with their machines and see what else they could make with their steam. They also farmed animals for meat compared to the natural-grown gardens of G’effalon. It wasn’t until the humans arrived and integrated with their society that the Dwarves finally had master tacticians and strategists to convince them that war was necessary to expand. While the Elves of G’effalon Woods had no desire to bother with the Dwarves of Greenwahl, the warmongering humans convinced the Dwarves that it would only be a matter of time before the Elves attacked. The humans, masters of manipulation and getting what they want, convinced the Dwarves the best defense is a strong offense. Together, they created the Red Faction and equipped themselves with guns, machines, plate armor, swords, and shields.
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