What side of the Esperian blockchain history will you be on when the war is over? Avalanche, or Fantom?


World Name: Esperia Blue Faction: Elves/Humans/???? (TBA) Red Factions: Dwarves/Humans/???? (TBA) Forest City: G’effalon Woods Steampunk City: Greenwahl
Esperian NFTs: 1500 Unique Esperian NFTs ESPERIAN STATS TABLE: Click here to view your stats!
Humans - The human lust for power and glory is unrelenting and unquenchable
Humans can never live in harmony with themselves. They will always attempt to dominate their neighbors. Unfortunately, their last war nearly destroyed their homeworld. The last remaining humans formed a temporary alliance and made their way into the world of Esperia for a new beginning. Regrettably, human nature cannot change. No matter where they go, they will always create conflict. That conflict spilled into the world of Esperia and started another war that divided the world into two different factions. It seems the problem is not where humans live – it is the humans themselves. You can take humans from their homes, but you can't take the need for conflict from humans.
Elves - The desire to lead a peaceful existence in harmony with nature is worth any price
The Elves of G’effalon Woods lived in perfect solitude until the arrival of humans. When the humans entered Esperia, they initially took refuge in Greenwahl. When the imposing stone walls and heavy machinery of the Dwarves lit the desire for war in some of the humans, the pacifists among them left for the woods of G’effalon. The Elves were suspicious of the newly arrived Humans and initially treated them with contempt. It took considerable time for the humans to gain their trust, but the Elves eventually welcomed the pacifist humans into their world. The young alliance of man and elf now prepares for conflict while hoping it will be avoided.
Dwarves – Cunning and industrious, the Dwarves desire progress and expansion
The Dwarves of Greenwahl built a towing stone city with impressive steam machines. A massive wall surrounds their castle and protects their steam power from the green of G’Effalon Woods, hence the name "Green Wall." When humans arrived in Esperia, they referred to Greenwahl as "STEAM City" because of the magnificent steam machines. The remarkable steam-powered technology enkindled the lust for war in many humans, and they convinced the native Dwarves that expansion and domination of the surrounding countryside were necessary.

Which Faction Are You Joining?

Human nature is unchanging, and wherever they go, war follows. The Elves of G'effalon Woods and the Dwarves of Greenwahl lived in a state of neutrality in Esperia until the humans arrived. Now, they are divided into rival factions.
Choose The Red Faction! Join the Red Faction if you have a desire for war. The Red Faction only cares about using brute strength, steam, steel, and magic to overcome their enemies. They won't stop until they drive the Blue Faction from G'effalon and expand their empire. If your intentions are to dominate your neighbors, the Red Faction is waiting for you.
Choose The Blue Faction! Join the Blue Faction if you have a desire for peace, but understand war is necessary to achieve it. The Blue Faction focuses on magic, bows, and the smart use of their resources. They have no desire to tear down the walls of Greenwahl. They merely wish to defend their homes and way of life from the expansion of the Red Faction. If your intentions are to save the woods of G’effalon, the Blue Faction needs your help.
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Which Faction Are You Joining?