A Fully Decentralized Play-And-Earn PVP Game! Protect yourself on the battleground for your enemy! Choose a side, start playing and earn $AWT Tokens (based on skills!) by playing!

Choose your destiny

Welcome to the world of Esperia, a world divided into rival factions and quickly descending into conflict (PVP Game - 25VS25).
The elves of the Blue Faction reside in the woods and countryside of Esperia. Lovers of nature, the Blue Faction lives in harmony with its surroundings.
The dwarves of the Red Faction inhabit a large, technologically advanced city in the center of the continent. Lovers of industry and their ingenious steam-powered machinery, the Red Faction dwells in monumental buildings towering over the surrounding landscape.
The two factions peacefully coexisted until the recent arrival of humans. While some humans preferred the tranquility of the elves, others chose the fast-paced world of the dwarves.
Mistrust between the different humans grew and soon spread to the native elves and dwarves. Each side now sees the other as a threat to its survival, and war is on the horizon.
Now is the time to begin your journey! Choose your faction and begin the exploration of the world of Esperia.
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