Please note, that the image from above is just an example. Avalanche C-Chain Gas will likely increase/decrease during high/low activity usage of its network. View Live Gas.
Gas will likely increase during mint. If you are having trouble confirming a transaction consider increasing your gas. Here is how you do this:
First, you must enable advanced gas controls in Metamask: 1. Go into the MetaMask settings by clicking the Account icon in the top right then click Settings at the bottom (View example below).
2. Click Advanced
3. Scroll down to Advanced Gas Controls and turn it to ON
Now when you go to mint you can adjust your gas as follows:
1. When you go to confirm a TX click "Market"
2. Click Aggressive
3. Confirm the transaction
You CAN increase your gas more than Aggressive through Advanced. This guide will not cover this but be wary of how much you are actually increasing if you choose to do this.
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